To build organoids for research, to treat organ degeneration, and to provide life-saving organs for patients, we need to solve the mystery of how components of an organ work together. Blood vessels and nerves reticulate our organs and coordinate organ- and body-wide responses to meet local needs. By studying the role of vascular and neuronal networks, we aim to gain novel, holistic insights into organ growth and regeneration, and advance regenerative medicine.


We use the mouse liver as our primary model system. We take genetic lineage-tracing, loss-of-function, and gain-of-function approaches to track and manipulate in vivo cell behaviors during liver growth or after liver injury. Using high-resolution confocal and light sheet microscopy, we visualize organ-level outcomes at single cell resolution. We integrate ex vivo molecular, cell biological, and bio-engineering tools in primary cells to further dissect the molecular mechanisms. 

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